Redeem Channel

There are two methods for you to locate your UID

Method A:

Tap your nickname on the upper-left of the home page to open your profile, and you'll see your UID on the upper right.

Method B:

Tap the Friend button on the middle left of the home page and then tap Add Friend to find My ID right under the search bar.


1. Please claim the rewards from in-game mail as soon as possible after successful redeeming.

2. The Redeem Code may have conditions and deadlines for use. You may not claim the rewards if you are not satisfied the requirements or later than the deadline.

3. Once only for using the same Redeem Code in same account.

4. Please check your UID and Nickname carefully in advance. You may not withdraw your application after successful redeeming.

5. Please tap "Search" and find your own character nickname firstly and then enter the Redeem Code for avoiding losses.

6. If you have any Redeem Code relevant questions please contact our Customer Service in time.